Quarter Two – 2011 – Newsletter

by Sekh765 on May 11th, 2011

Quarter Two – 2011


Replays, Servers and Maps!


Hey folks, I think I finally figured out how to make these without stretching to find content. I’m gonna try to make them every quarter or so, unless something super fancy shows up and I need to make one right then. I have a couple different topics to hit on this newsletter, mainly upcoming changes to server 6, various plugin functionality on all TF2 servers, a new TFP server, and information regarding our 3rd annual Anthrocon Meetup!


Server Changes and Replay!


First things first, we have just finished adding Replay functionality to all our servers! We had to hold off until Valve fixed a bug with Linux servers which prevented us from being able to run it stably, but all is well now and you should be able to record your kills and fails with ease now! Please shoot us a message if something breaks or it starts causing issues so we can look into it!


TFP Server #6 Changes

Next are upcoming changes to TFP Server #6, which will be having a overhaul of its current maplist, as well as some plugin additions over the next week. I’ve been trying to keep track of which maps are getting played and nominated, as well as which maps have a tendency to vacate the server when they are voted on, so the following is a list of all the map changes currently being implemented.


Maps for Removal – CP_Stag (Not played at all), CP_Wildmire (Most folks consider it unfun), CP_Titan (Broken by the latest Valve Patch) CTF_Casbah (Generally hated), PL_Pharaoh (Considered too large/chokepointy). TC_Hydro (Yea I know. It kills the server, and everyone hates it, so off it goes.)

Maps for Adjustment – CP_Redfort (Now Medieval mode, reduced to 15 minutes max), CTF_Moonbase (Reduced to 15 minute timer), PL_Whalerace (Reduced to 2 full rounds, or 12 minutes, that is about as much as people want of Whalerace)


Map Additions – And here are the new maps! I am taking a Cave Johnson approach to maptesting this time around, in other words “We are throwing maps at the wall here and seeing what sticks.” so the maps might be enjoyed or hated, the bad ones will be removed within a week or so. I will list the names here and a link at the end to a forum post with all the download links for those that wish to download it early.

CP_Crossroads, CP_Antiquity, CP_Karst, CP_Teddy, KOTH_Gatehouse (12 minute timer), Koth_Ashville, PL_Salvage, PL_Mesa, CTF_Landfall, CTF_THISISASURPRISE

As well as the return of (limited) Arena maps, in the form of arena_lumbermill, arena_offblast, and arena_hardhat – All set to 12 minute timers with no sitting out.

Download the new maps from this forum post – http://www.hiddendisguises.com/Forums/viewtopic.php?f=18&t=78&p=21042#p21042

Last I am investigating the possibility of adding some fun plugins to #6 which can be triggered by any Admin in your game, including Roll the Dice, which is a popular random gameplay adjusting mod. All fun plugins will be limited to admin triggering them to avoid them becoming stale or taking over the server, and will only last until they are turned off again.


TFP Brink #1

With a number of our players picking up Brink, and the games easily set up server configuration, we have recently launched a Brink server for testing to see if folks are interested in using it! The server is located at –, which can be entered into either your Steam server browser, or the ingame direct connection option. You might need to leave the port off, so test it either way. We will be scheduling a get together this weekend on the server to test it out with a large group of TFP members, check your events for more info!



Alright! Next month is Anthrocon, and for the 3rd year in a row we are going to be having our annual TFP Meetup! I just wanted to remind folks to be thinking of this as they make their plans, and to stay tuned for more information to come later this month on our plans. We are trying to get something new and interesting to happen this year, but we are waiting a bit longer to make sure everything is in place. Stay tuned to the TFP News section once we are ready to make an announcement about the meetup location, time and all that. Hope to exceed last years meetup of 30 people this year!


The Future

Nothin fancy this time around, we are just trying to make sure everything is running smoothly and that each valve update doesn’t set the servers on fire with some new broken who-sa-whatsit. We hope to talk with players at Anthrocon this year about the Future of TFP, including games folks are interested, as well as changes they would like to see. Last years meet up resulted in Server #6, which has since become one of the most popular TFP servers we have, so who knows what new ideas folks will have this year!


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