January 2011 Newsletter!

by Sekh765 on January 13th, 2011

January 2011 Newsletter!

One Year Anniversary!

So here we are! One year after starting my semi-bi-annually-maybe-sometimes newsletter, I’ve made it an entire year! That’s a full year of random information! I am so proud. I hope you folks are enjoying these, or at the very least getting the information you are looking for about the servers! This month we have a good deal of technical and server related information for everyone, since we’ve had some changes and a couple other folks would like more information on the state of various servers. A small upcoming event, and a new server in the works as well!

Upcoming Events:

No exceedingly large upcoming events this month, we just finished up a maptest and those maps that won will be slowly working their way onto the servers. I have a smallish event planned for possibly later this month, but it’s a surprise so I guess you all will have to keep an eye out.

Server Information and Changes

So lets get started on the servers. I’ll break it down into server groups so that it is easier to read and understand.

Server’s #1 is currently down due to damage to the server boxes and a change in location. We do not currently have an ETA on its return, it could be very soon, it might not be for awhile. Until then we encourage folks to use servers #6 and #5, as they are running almost identical map cycles as servers #1/#2. We apologize but Act’s of God are hard to predict. Server #2 was just returned to us today, and has a new IP of please keep us informed on the how well you guys think the new server is running!

Server #4 and to some extent #5 are experiencing lag issues. We are aware of these issues and are attempting to solve them. They are a particularly irritating sort of issue that comes and go seemingly at random, so bear with us as we attempt to lock this down. To this end however, we understand that #4 is possibly the most popular server we have, so we have worked up a temporary solution which is…….

Server #7 is now a Stock server. For those of you that have previously played on #7, understand that it is now an entirely new server. It is in a different, more viable location (Chicago), and is running an alternate map cycle (Stock). Please update your favorites accordingly and try using it when server #4 is inevitably full. It’s new IP address is or you can find it by clicking this here image!

We hope you folks will be patient with us while we work out the kinks in our servers. Remember that we still have servers #6 and #7, which are running optimally, and server #5 which hasn’t really acted up yet, though we are watching it carefully.

As for other servers..

TFP Minecraft Server will be returning to active duty very soon. You all built so much stuff that the harddrive that was storing it started to die. It was unable to save fast enough to be of any use, so sys admin Sumigaki has purchased an entire NEW harddrive just for the Minecraft server. Caigan, the other minecraft admin is investigating the use of mods on the server since Minecraft has now been put into Beta and there are all sorts of interesting mods floating around. Expect more information soon.

TFP Monday Night Combat Server – We are currently investigating the possibility of adding a Monday Night Combat server to our lineup. A large portion of the admins have been playing it together and find it absolutely hilarious. The servers are small and easy to admin, so when the game is finally released in full, we might put up a public server for everyone, I for one would like to not have to deal with the random pubbers so we will see!

Finally as a last little change, we will be changing the MOTD that you folks have seen every time you log into the servers a bit. It will still have TFP’s lovely mascots, but soon it will also have relevant new information such as IP changes, events, etc. We will attempt to make them eye catching enough so that you notice it when we change them, but this way we can inform folks of IP changes to the servers much faster and more efficiently. The rotating advertisement plugin on the servers will be getting an update as well.

The Future!

Sorry for the rather dry newsletter this month folks, but we are working on getting the groups servers repaired so no major events planned for January. I hope to have some more fun things to talk about next time…maybe in February. There’s a major convention coming up in March (Furry Weekend Atlanta) that a number of us will be attending, so we might make a little TFP meeting out of it if folks were interested. Other than that, just keep telling us what you guys enjoy and we will attempt to get it done!

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