Anthrocon 2012 Information, DayZ Event Recap

by Sekh765 on June 1st, 2012

Hello again everyone! Time for a new post! This time we cover Anthrocon and information regarding our meetup, as well as a short story recap of TFP’s first excursion into the hardcore survival mod DayZ!


Anthrocon 2012 Meetup!

So it is time again for Anthrocon! This year we will be holding our 4th annual TFP Meetup in the Zoo and hope to see even more folks there this year! Last year we had around 50 people show up, we ended up taking over an entire corner of the zoo!

Due to how packed the schedule is this year, we had to select a time a bit later than usual. This years Meetup will be held at 6:10 pm on Saturday in the Zoo. This is directly following Matthew Ebel’s show in the main ballroom, and an hour and a half before Kage’s show in the same location. This should give us enough time to have our meetup and people still attend the shows they want to see. Once again we will have our TFP Flag at the table so that you can find us. Just look for the largest group of people you can find and that’s probably TFP.

Once again, that is Saturday at 6:10 pm in the Zoo.


TFP’s 1st DayZ Event – Recap aka How TFP caused 2 server admins to rage crash their servers


So normally I don’t do detailed Recap’s of our various events, but this is an exception. For those that don’t know, DayZ is a hardcore survival Zombie Apocalypse modification for the military simulator, ARMA 2. It is incredibly difficult and features no rules governing player interaction, which means anyone could be a bandit trying to kill you for your sweet items. The following is a recap of our first event that was held Wednesday, the 30th. Players involved were Reverend Browning (Event Leader), Sekh (Event Helper), Purplecat, Python, Caigan, Snookers, Sivren. We had a few others but they left very early.

Our story begins with everyone on the coastline of Chernarus, spread out and alone. Browning and Python manage to link up at the large lighthouse on the south coast. Sekh and Sivren link up in the far West and other players are spread few and far between. Immediately the party at the Lighthouse comes under sniper fire. Unable to locate the shooter they proceed to take cover, taking intermitent gunfire over the course of the next 20 minutes. Fortunately the sniper had a bolt action and was a terrible shot. Sekh and Sivren begin the long run from their spawn location to the lighthouse, which took at least 20 minutes. Upon arriving Python and Browning perform a diversion in an attempt to help the other group locate the sniper, Python is slain but Sekh and Sivren locate the group, which consisted of a sniper and his guard. Getting the drop on them they easily take the two enemies down, and move to loot their weapons. Not 5 seconds later the server dies mysteriously. We have assumed at this point that the two people killed were server admins or some form of hackers, and rage crashed after dieing in such an undignified manner.

After a brief excursion into a nearby city which wasted nearly everyone’s ammo and blood fighting a near infinite horde of Zombies, the entire group linked up in Castle Rog. Sekh was ambushed while checking a small room and nearly killed by a survivor with a pistol. In the ensuing firefight Browning and Snookers were slain, one by the survivor and one by the massive Zombie horde they attracted, but not before killing the survivor in response. Fortunately they spawned nearby and proceeded to link up with us at Rog. Here is a picture of our dangerous party before we set forth!


The Party

At this point the sun is going down, so we crack our glowsticks and proceed to move towards Berezino. Due to the time we lost a few people, leaving only Browning, Sekh, Python, Sivren and Snookers left. While attempting to refill our canteens Python fired his Lee Enfield rifle in an attempt to kill a Zombie and thus attracted every zombie in a 5 mile radius to his position. We watched in horror as he was devoured, nothing any of us could do to the sheer number of zombies he brought upon his head.

Finally reaching Berezino, we replenished our medical supplies and ammo, and then using all the ammo on the subsequent massive horde of zombies, we finally scrambled in an attempt to ambush a car as it zoomed past. Unable to steal the vehicle, we proceeded to our final destination, the North East Airfield. While walking, we discussed the topic of crashed helicopters and the wonderful military loot they usually have, to which Snookers responded, “What, like that?” and lo and behold, not 10 feet away was a crashed Huey. We cleared out the incredibly high amount of zombies milling about it in an attempt to find sweet military gear, but it seems someone had arrived before us. Still, we have an awesome picture of it.

The Huey

Following a bit of shuffling, we finally reached our destination. The Northeast Airfield, with some of the best military loot in Chernarus. As we begin to loot it, someone hears something strange. “Is that a…car…?” Browning asks. “Extinguish glowsticks!” he shouts, just as a car rolls up to our position in the Air Control Tower. At this point it is too late. We are spotted. Three men jump out of the vehicle and open fire on our position. Everyone hits the deck as automatic fire rips over our head. Seconds later every window in the tower is blown out as a frag grenade goes off just outside our position. Sivren is covering the stairs while Browning and Snookers return fire. Sekh moves inbetween the levels assisting. As they reload, Snookers stands up and drops one with a single shot from his Lee Enfield. At this point we notice we are engaging the administrators of the server we are on. Sivren goes down in a hail of gunfire on the bottom floor, but not before returning fire with his AK. Sekh peeks around the corner, face first into an enemy wearing Nightvision Goggles. Fortunately, Sivrens fire had blinded the man due to his muzzle flash and Sekh was able to drop him with a barrage of AK fire. At this point, Snookers stands once again and drops the final enemy with another precision Enfield shot. Sekh moves to loot the body infront of him, taking his Backpack, Night Vision and Silenced M4 assault rifle. Again, not 10 seconds after the final target goes down, THIS server mysteriously shuts off (a different server from the previous one).

When it comes back, the only players that rejoin are the dead admins, and our party. All the loot is gone. We proceed to loot their car, leaving it on the tarmac as our small group has no need for a noisy vehicle. Crossing the airstip, it begins to pour down rain. We make our escape into the darkness, lightning all around us.  We stop miles from the airfield and inspect the few things Sekh managed to loot from the one body. Inside the backpack we find an M249 SAW Light Machine gun, which is given to Browning. Snookers takes one final picture before we log off.

The Loot

The color saturation is due to the Glowsticks we were carrying and the rain, as well as Snookers high GAMMA to see at night.


In the end, the final tally for TFP was

Casualties – 5, 1 to Zombies, 4 to Survivors

Kills – 6 – 5 Military geared survivors, 1 low tier survivor

Zombie Kills – Too damn many

Server’s destroyed by Admin rage after dieing to us – 2

We hope to run another event in the future, we had a ton of fun. Probably after AC!


Hope you folks enjoyed my incredibly wordy story recapping our DayZ event. Next time we will take more pictures. I hope to see a lot of people at Anthrocon this year! Look for our TFP Flag!

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