Let’s Get this Party Started!

by NikkyVix on July 25th, 2009

…and variations thereupon…

Welcome to The Furry Pound dot org!

We created this website for our community in the interests of having a more visible internet focus on what TFP is all about. Re-christened from the FOR community exactly one year ago as of this post, TFP has been on a steady (and some say meteoric) rise in popularity ever since, something of which her staff can feel simultaneously proud and frightened of. If this is your first time coming (or even hearing about us), The Furry Pound is a publicly available Furry-based community anchored around VALVe Software’s ultimate class-based team FPS, Team Fortress 2. Does one need to be a member of this obscure fandom to play on TFP servers? Of course not; Team Fortress 2 and its gameplay is the focus. But a little knowledge about the Furry fandom could be beneficial before you take the plunge into the game with them.

But back on topic.

Our mission with TFP.org is to have a community-contributory website involving our modest little group where members and visitors can grab information regarding the servers, as well as interesting, informative or even just entertaining bits of content.  Patrons can also submit articles they create or links which they feel would be of interest.

We’re far from professionals, but like many other excellent communities based around a game like TF2 we hope to bring that level of service to our members and visitors alike. You can rest assured that future expansion of the site (currently in its bare-bones state) will come, such as tying in a media section with member-submitted videos from our Youtube account, desktop media, and much more.

For now, you can direct any questions or ideas you may have to us on our forum, or even on this post if you so wish. As TFP has relied heavily on the input and critique of its players to grow and evolve, we welcome your ideas!


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