TFP SCREAMshot winners!

by Sekh765 on November 2nd, 2010

Halloween SCREAMshot Contest


First I’d like to thank everyone that entered the contest, we had some really good entries and I was really impressed with everyone who took the time to enter! Second I’d like to thank our 6 volunteer and/or coerced judges! The 3 admins – Jinx, Akita and Austin, and the 3 players, Aznhax, Munch and Rev. Browning, you guys were great!

So now! The winners!

First place – This one really blew folks away with how well it was done, it was very smooth and had a good Halloween vibe to it. First place goes to MASTERFURRYX’s Halloween Engi and Crew!

Second Place – Following that one, the judges decided on Otterwolfy’s scary pyro image! They really liked how simple and to the point the image was, with the good backdrop and the fact that we all know pyro is just a scary monster anyways.

Third Place – Finally, our last screenshot winner goes to Rikes! The final screen shot was selected because…well…what do you think when you see this? Nicely done Rikes, the judges found your image funny enough to be our final winner!

All in all, we had some great entries, but these folks stood out the most to our judges. I want to thank everyone who took the time to enter, you all did great. If folks become more interested in events like this, we might try again come December or New Years!

If you were one of the winners, please contact me at your convenience on Steam, you should know me, I am Sekh, you can find me on the admin list if you haven’t already so we can get you guys your prizes!

Because I was so happy with everyone’s entries though, I would like to extend the prizes to everyone who entered, at least some form of “door prize” for entering. So if you submitted an image at all, shoot me a message on steam!

For those interested in seeing all the entries, I’ve created a rar which can be found here.

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