TFP August Newsletter

by Sekh765 on August 24th, 2010

TFP August 2010


Lazy Bird of Summer Edition!

Alright, so here we go again! Time for the latest edition of the TFP Newsletter, this month with all sorts of cool information on new servers, upcoming events, and other various bits of information here and there!


Upcoming Server Changes:

Alright folks, so if you hang around the main TFP chat for the last few weeks, you’ve probably heard me talking about the changes myself and fellow admin Sumigaki have been trying to get set up on server 6. Last week we launched the server and it’s been getting really good reviews from the people that have been frequenting it, so I encourage everyone to try it out if they have the chance! Details of the various changes that 6 has undergone are below!

  • Server map timer is reduced from 40 minutes to 20 minutes, with a possible final reduction to 15 minutes per map. This allows for faster rotation through the maps, and steam rolls are less frustrating due to the rapid rotation to a new map, and new team.
  • Mix of stock maps (no arena), popular custom maps from the main TFP servers, a few custom maps I’ve chosen myself, and a small number of “fun” maps such as the wacky races and whale race maps from the older server #3.
  • Future addition of a cvar activated members only script such as the on server #5 used to have, to allow for members only nights!

All these things combine to make a rather different style of server from the other main TFP servers.

IP for TFP #6 –

P.S. – Silly things can happen on some of the maps, since admins have the ability to choose special maps from a seperate list, such as this video made by Devvy of Munch being “abused” on Pacman –


Our second edition this month is that TFP has gone full International! In the first entry by someone other than myself, the new owner of TFP’s Australian/Oceania server has written up an entry on what his server is about for you folks to read! With this server, we now have a server in almost every major geographic zone from which our players hail from! So, here is Leon, the owner and head admin of TFP #10, the AU server!

“Well TFP’s second (group) anniversary has been and gone and with it came a new TF2 server! All the Aussie furs out there will be pleased to know that TFP’s 10th server is a 24 slot server hosted in Sydney. It is hoped this will provide a place for Oceania and South Asia furries to play with better pings.

So what maps and mods will this server be running I hear you say? Well I’m glad you asked! Presently TFP runs servers of different sorts, some with custom maps and some without. The AU server for the foreseeable future will not be running any custom maps, the main reason for this being that Australian players have internet quotas and players who have gone over their quota would have to wait 20-60 minutes for a custom map to download.

However, to make up for the lack of custom maps, the AU server will be running special weekend events where different server side mods will run on Friday and for the duration of the weekend (For instance the popular presents mod that was running on the opening day). This allows the server to be unique and fun without players needing to wait for large map downloads. On top of this the AU server will run the standard set of mods such as RTV and Scramble etc.

If you have any suggestions or feedback, please poke one of the TFP admins or myself about it, we’d love to hear from you!

With all that being said, Look forward to seeing you on the AU server and hope you’ll have a great time :3


IP for Server #10 –

So there you folks have it! The two major server updates for TFP this month! Hope you guys take some time to check out the changes!

Upcoming TFP Events:

No events this month folks, as its a little late to do an announcement for one anyways. However, we will be having our annual TFP Halloween event in October, so look for more information on that soon!

TFP Staff Additions

So, with the addition of new servers and the return to school for many staffers, we’ve expanded the TFP staff again to encompass three new members. In a hilarious stroke of luck, they all happen to be Birds, so my dreams of a bird TFP army continue! Your new staffers are as follows! Be nice to these guys, they are around to keep the servers clean :)

  • Griffin
  • Sparra
  • Jouster

Also, a number of moderators were promoted to full administrator, meaning they are now fully available to answer any questions you have, and help with any problems you have (We do continue to ask, if you have a problem on the servers to record demos and submit them to sourcebans, we’ve received a large number of ban submissions, we do watch these demos you folks attach, and have banned a good number of hackers and griefers with you guys help! Thanks again!)

The Future!

So we’ve been working really hard keeping things running smoothly around here, trying to find new and interesting events for you guys to enjoy, it’s tough trying not to repeat ourselves too much! We are looking into running Randomizer in September sometime, or possibly as part of the October event. Other things are the possible return of Prophunt in the near future, as it was an incredibly popular mod, so that is something that could show up soon as well! Until next month, enjoy the new servers and keep us informed on what you guys want to see! See you…sometime….ish….in September!

- Sekh the Scribe Burd

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