The Haunted Pound 2009: Weekend 1 in Detail!

by NikkyVix on October 22nd, 2009

It’s that time of the year again!

We’re bringing Halloween fun back with the Haunted Pound 2009! Witness the return of last year’s server-filling TF2 Sourcemod hit: Zombie Fortress! Now with more maps to play (and more stable server behavior this time! Really!). Starting this Friday evening and ending late Sunday evening, Three TFP servers shall be password-locked for you and those you invite, specifically hosting ZF and any maps we add for the event.

Additionally, one of the most unique payload race maps you will ever play has manifested itself into our playlist: PLR Animus, by Kim “Fearlezz” Nehzaty.  Exclusive for this event, getting this cart to move will need you to put some serious SOUL into it!

And as a little bonus for our alternative gamers, we’re bringing our Left 4 Dead servers back up for a special darling custom map favorite of TFP’s admins:  Night Terror! Spend an evening of fright in the Director’s twisted haunted house and movie recreations; the D’s just DYING to drop you in!

Our Killing Floor offerings are also still live.

It’s gonna be one hell of a night! See you there!
Team Fortress 2

  • TFP #2 CST US  (password: zombfurries)
  • TFP #5 EST US Members-Only  (password: zombfurries)
  • TFP #6 EU  (password: zombfurries)

Left 4 Dead
To find our server when searching, you must first enable and open your game console, then enter this key whenever you start Left 4 Dead:
sv_search_key tfp
Server password: zombfurries

Killing Floor


Haunted Fortress 2009 Map Pack -  (61MB 7zip)  If you want to have the maps pre-downloaded before the event, use this link.  (Alternate Download Link )

Night Terror -  (141MB RAR)  You will need this if you wish to play the Night Terror custom campaign.

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  1. Tehrasha says:

    The sendspace gave me a 33MB download…so something isnt right.