Spy Video from Sekh765

by Witchiebunny on August 28th, 2009

Sekh writes:

Hey everyone, Here is the final version of the spyfrag video I have been working on for the past couple of weeks. The gameplay footage was recorded over a month or two and its meant to just be a cool spy skill showcase vid. If enough people like it I might attempt to make some spy tutorial videos in the future.

The video is my first attempt at using any sort of video editing software. Took me a few weeks to learn to use it properly but I like the way it came out. The random blurs are intentional as they are during time acceleration moments when nothing important is happening. I would have it on youtube for you all to view it there but they blocked it due to my music. Leave any comments you like below!

Enjoy the video!


www.yqmonline.com/SpyPyro.rar – This is a downloadable High quality .wmv file. Should be very fast download speed.

http://www.filefront.com/14317581/SekhFinal.wmv – This is another download site. It also has a streaming button on the right. The maximize looks like a little dpad.

Thanks for the submission Sekh!

and thanks for not beating this bunny upside the head with sapper for procrastinating so long in putting it up. :x

4 Responses to “Spy Video from Sekh765”

  1. Acheron says:

    A good usage of the Dead Ringer and Cloak and Dagger. Also, for those killed in the video, a good lesson to look behind you!

  2. Ignis Solus says:

    Good show, Sekh!

  3. ReverendBrowning says:

    Those poor heavies. I tell you friend, you have done a bad thing here today. A bad thing indeed.

  4. Sekh765 says:

    Thanks to Axel, I now have this video on Youtube!


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