TFP Maptest: Opinions?

by Witchiebunny on July 27th, 2009

I’m curious to hear what you guys out there think about our maptesting process this time around. Should we continue it this way, or should we go back to trying to cram all of the maps into one night of testing? Sound off here or on the forum post available here.

7 Responses to “TFP Maptest: Opinions?”

  1. Sekh765 says:

    I really like the new method. It lets us test a TON more maps then last time, and we seem to get alot more feedback since people can just logon and try all the maps then rate it when they have time, instead of like…24 people trying to force their way onto the server for a one night test..

    New testing method…APPROVED! :D

  2. Psychosplodge says:

    Liking it, playing maps that just wouldn’t get played if had to vote for them…

  3. Leif says:

    I do appreciate the method, though we need to make sure it’s well-moderated.

    My first time on Industrial the entire group I was playing with at the time determined the map rather poor, yet with no admin around (at least to my knowledge), no way of changing the map via RTV, and no way of rating it as the maprate command was broken as well, we were forced to sit through a rather pointless rendition of a map most everyone disliked.

    Otherwise, I appreciate having maptests occur over longer periods of time. For those of us who tend to be busy and out of town a lot (like myself), it gives plenty of opportunity to get our voices in.

  4. Gamer Wolf says:

    I’m liking how this is being done, especially with each map getting equal time so we can give our opinion on each map instead of having some of them skipped over. Great job you guys!

  5. Tempest says:

    The current style is nice for trying out a larger number of maps, but I think there needs to be more screening to remove gimmicky or unfinished maps so that people don’t get stuck on them and leave the server.

    Examples include the toy store map with the doggy doors that are hard to get through (easy to sentry camp) and has a scout/rocket jump only point, and the Reactor map which has objectives besides simply capturing the point/pushing the cart/killing all the enemies (shoot the reactor till the shields drop, non-player sentries etc).

  6. DrJones says:

    Not to mention, Reactor swaps the way teams are usually done. With RED attacking and BLU defending. It’s the other way around in all the other maps.

  7. Tehrasha says:

    I like it. I think its a great way to preview new maps. It would be nice to have an RTV (100% vote) option for when there is a consensus that the current map -really- sucks, rather than suffering through another 15minutes of it. :)